Can Do Anything I want! Weekend in Mumbai

 ”What to do this weekend?”   is the biggest question we always have when we are approaching Thursday and Fridays; though Friday’s are pretty well taken care of because of the abundant watering holes in the city but Saturday and Sundays are usually spent doing nothing or spent half cribbing about what to do and Read More →

Deepak Amembal's photowalk

Deepak Amembal, a traveller, biker and a photographer by passion, surely has a magical eye. From wandering on Indian streets on his amazing bikes to travelling to international locations, Deepak has done it all. Following are some breathtaking snaps taken in this magnificent journey of exploring adventure and life! ITALIAN DELIGHT: A PHOTOWALK TO REMEMBER Read More →

Varun Grover

His casual yet broody looks belie that this IITian is a standup artist and an ace lyricist in Bollywood. As we spoke with him further we realized that armed with wit and a callous candour, Varun is one of the most charming people we’ve met. Wandereach Tales brings you a delicious interview with the guy Read More →

Extreme White Water Kayaking

Kayaker Ben Marr rockets down kayaking a concrete drainage ditch into Lions Bay, British Columbia at 54 kms per hour! It’s pretty amazing how he stirs his boat on such a small stream of flowing water and manages not to get himself severely injured, though he comes quite close to it! Have you tried Kayaking? Read More →

The Human Catapult

These crazy guys made a bigger version of our beloved handheld slingshot into something big enough to be used as a Human catapult. But somewhere deep down we always wanted to do this as we fantasised about getting thrown in the air with it a flying a little bit (Hi-fi, if you thought exactly like Read More →

World's Largest Rope Swing at Moab, Utah

Everyone of us have been crazy about the swings since we were small kids, the visit to parks were predominantly about being on the swing, and if you had a sibling, then who get’s how much time and who can push hardest!! We loved Superman and hence always fantasised that swing is the closest that Read More →

Epic Paintball Battle

Compared to the amount of mad crazy energy & passion which these guys have to play PAINTBALL, I can surely say that we s**k Donkey Balls here in even making strategies for the same, we just go to the arena, shoot some paintballs and come back. Then, we love Barney Stinson playing Laser Tag; that’s Read More →

The amazing hang drum

I thought persussion and melody were two different things till I saw this. Completely flipped me. The most amazing rhythm instrument I have seen till date. Just look at the guy perform the “HANG DRUM”. I bring to you some amazing hangdrum performances from world’s best. This amazing “supersonic Hang Drum” performance is by the Read More →


  Raphael Dumont decides to land directly on a water body after a base jump from a cliff using just a wingsuit while NOTHING LIKE THIS HAD EVER BEEN DONE BEFORE! If you want to be a Wing-suit diver you need to have experience of 200+ skydives, 50+ base jumps and a pair a highly Read More →

Skydiving at Mt everest -

  So you think you have the balls to do this? Get involved in the craziest adventure, possibly also the most expensive adventure package in the entire world @approx 35K dollars. Less than 200 people in the world have done this. Skydiving @Mt. Everest View the video here:     Not for the faint hearted Read More →

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