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Who doesn’t love a good party? The trouble arises when you’re the one hosting one instead of attending one of the seasons most talked about parties. Hosting the perfect party need not make you bald prematurely so worry not and read on.

What kind of party do you want?
Parties can be of many types- Formal vs Informal, Sit down dinners vs Buffets etc. Each of them needs to be planned differently. This also depends a lot on the space available to you depending on whether you choose to host the party at home or in a rented space and the capacity of your kitchen. You don’t want people constantly bumping into each other nor do you want just five people nibbling on finger foods in different corners of a room. This brings us to the second most important part of planning parties.
Decide your guest list. Make sure you have enough seating, glasses, crockery and cutlery available for everyone, especially if you are hosting a sit down dinner. Another thing to make sure you don’t run out of is ice- too many parties have been halted because of ice and mixers running out.
The invitations to your party depend on the type of party you are hosting. Formal parties require printed or hand written cards with an RSVP option while emails work well for informal parties.

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Plan and pace
Perfect parties begin with perfect planning. Now that you have a guest list and know how many people you will be catering to, decide upon a menu. Choose a mix of dishes that can be prepared in advance and others that need to made on D-day. Keep plenty of party snacks around for informal parties. Feel free to pick up breads and desserts from your neighbourhood bakery to ease your load.
The difference between a host who enjoys people coming over and one who swears never to repeat the experience is that the former doesn’t over burden himself. A bar tender is a good person to have around. If you can’t find one, ask someone to take over the bar. Contrary to what we often believe, people like having something to do just as long as it doesn’t stop them from having fun.

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Party on!
A stressed out host makes for a stressed out party. Mingle with your guests and enjoy yourself. Introduce the shy ones to people they might have common interests with and start conversations. Keep an eye on food that is going around and make sure that it doesn’t run out. But, if it does run out, it’s ok. Remember, no one expects you to be perfect as long as they’re having a good time.

Article Name
Hosting the Perfect Party
Parties are times for celebrations not only for the people attending but also for the hosts. Learn how to throw the perfect bash without breaking your back.
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