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Most Popular Pubs in Bangalore

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Bangalore is best known as the ‘Pub Capital of India’. Home to over 200 pubs and bars, this city hasn’t let an early deadline spoil the fun of the regulars and visitors. It makes up for the early deadline by pouring its first mugs of beer while the sun is still bright. All pubs in Bangalore have their share of visitors and if you’re visiting the city, here are the top three pubs you should definitely check out.


places to visit, bangalore

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An almost universal favourite in Bangalore is Pecos. Don’t be fooled by its unassuming exterior or for that case, interiors; Pecos is the rock hub of Bangalore. Pecos is known for good food on a budget, chilled pitchers and rock tunes played from vintage cassettes. The chilled out vibe makes an evening at Pecos, an experience you’ll want to relive more than once.


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Not sampling the brews at Toit would be a huge loss (to you) if you were looking for places to visit in Bangalore. Toit consists of three floors with seating and a different ambience on each. Still, you will be better off calling ahead and reserving a table on the weekend unless you’re up for the wait. As Toits’ brewmaster, Matthew Callahan mentions on their blog, a majority of the customers are Toit loyalists who come back for its wide variety of beers even though they aren’t necessarily experimental.


places to visit, bangalore

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If you’re looking for a watering hole in Bangalore, the place to visit is Plan B. The American themed pub, is much smaller than Toit but if you’re a latecomer you’ll have to wait for a table just as long. Along with its beers and beer cocktails, Plan B is known for its chicken wings accompanied by a sweet/mild/hot or insane sauce. If you couldn’t guess, the sauces are classified according to spice levels.


You might think that spending all evening guzzling beer would be enough but the door shutting at pubs in Bangalore just means that the house parties have started. Most hosts would love it if you brought something along with you so pick up a bottle of wine of your choice on the way or better still carry something to eat. If you really want to impress them, carry something made by you. Try a class from Shini on party foods and you will find yourself being invited to every after-party in town.

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The Pub Scene in Bangalore
Bangalore is the pub capital of India. Over 200 pubs can make it difficult to pick a favourite but here are a few that won't let you down.
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