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  1. What is covered in Tushky Guarantee?

    1. Tushky guarantee covers all transactions felicitated by tushky i.e. all transactions whether online or cash made between buyer and seller via tushky is guaranteed. We guarantee no-hassle refund if anything goes wrong and a safety team for you. To avail this, all communication and transactions should happen via tushky.
  2. What is not covered in Tushky Guarantee?

    1. We won’t be able to cover any instance in which communication and/or transaction between seller and buyer happened outside of tushky.
  3. How does Tushky Guarantee work?

    1. We try our best that you never have to use tushky guarantee, ever. But in those rare cases, we encourage sellers and buyers to resolve the issue via tushky’s messaging platform. Its a friendly world after all and mostly our users resolve the matter themselves. If that doesn’t work, we take up the matter for resolution.
  4. How soon are the cases resolved?

    1. Its our endeavor that the resolution is reached within 24 business hours. But, it may take upto 7 business days in certain rare cases.
  5. What is the process to raise a Tushky guarantee ticket?

    1. Simple, just send a mail on or leave a message with our live chat troop.
      1. Typically our sellers and buyers resolve the matters themselves. So try doing that yourself first.
      2. If that doesn’t work, go ahead and send us the mail and we will do our best to resolve it.
      3. You can file a report within 48 hours of receiving an invoice from tushky
  6. What happens after raising a ticket?

    1. We look closely at the case in hand and try to reach a logically conclusive end. We try to ensure that each one of us is happy with the resolution.
    2. We typically try to resolve within 24 hours but at times it may take up to 7 business days.